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Welcome To My Friends Section.This Is Where I Want To Thank All My Friends.If Your Name Is On This Page Then In Some Way You Have Eairther Been Really Cool To Me Or Have Helped Me In Some Way.Some People On Here Have Really Helped Me Learn Alot And I Have This Section Made Special For YOU guys.I Know It's Not Much But It Is The Least I Can Do To Show My Appreciation For All You Guys Have Done For Me.if i forgot your name please tell me so i can add it.i tryed to rember all the names but with people changing them i may have forgot you.Sorry if i did

WoIfee     Bigjohnsan     Shinoman99     OrBiTaL

      XOrBiSgRlX      Peety69      Weichben65

Truerath     OoExCoO     Sviper000     K2bakyrd

      Dracinin       Maleknia23        xxRagex

BARFoBEER      DyNaIvIiTe     Skinhead8     Colven

      IameTrix       Nirvansub          ZzREFzZ

XannasuyaX      MrWizard      Benoit      Aerosoul

      X Hatred       Lyzzardkng       WavWizard1

Mikedealer     Natas BR     P00F      Dogvomit

      LickMyPiCo    Quip 33    Yanks No23

KevScanSw    Hex40Mac    CeN    HBK Pdaddy

     CompuMaya    PRODIGYoOo    I 8 my ear

ImAnOdBall     DaRKTlMeZ     CHAOSMeTaL   Xxplaguez

     IlxJAYxlI     SoNiKRaVeN     GewebeGott

      ExpIoit Me     Case       Iol  prod    Iook nuke         

                                       Ottabgolfn              MDMAxFrEaK         jweiss9712         

             SKlNHEAD8               Skyshines            WrldSaver