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case's Home Page: This Page Has A lot Of Great Info.This Is A Must See Web Page 
Shinoman's Home Page: Make Sure And Check Out This Page.Very Cool Graphics
Natas AOL Secrets: One Of The Best SeCrEtS Pages Around.MUST SEE!!
CeN's Place Of Stuff: Check It Out
Dog Vomit: Cool Home Page
GaBe's Domain: Great Site
Hex's Page: Very Cool Site
Prod's Page: Very Nice Page.Lots Of Stuff.A Must See
Maleknia's AOL Tricks: Cool Tricks Page
Marc's Page: Cool Site
ޣGZ's Page!!!: Really Cool Site
Prodigy's Page: Cool Site
other people's papers: Name Says It All
Anonymizer, Inc.: Very Cool Site
VB Help Center: Great Site
HTML Help Center: Alot Of Great Info Here
Java Help Center: Need Java Help Get It Here
C++ Help Center: Some Great Info Here
The Strange World of Tapu: This Site Has Everything You Are Looking For
Yankes23's Home Page: Very Cool Site..Check It Out
Nuke's Home Page: Come In And Check Out This Page
Bean's Page: Cool Site Check It Out
Linz's Home Page: Alot Of Good Stuff Here.
Amber's Web Site: Cool Site Come See
JEN's Page: Really Cool Site.Lots Of Punk Stuff.Check It Out
PW L0ST's page: Very Nice Page.Check It Out